MOON for Low Energy Neutrino Physics
Electroweak Interaction Research at the University of Washington

Molybdenum Observatory Of Neutrinos aims at
Spectroscopic studies of two beta-rays from 100Mo for investigating both
the Majorana neutrino mass by neutrinoless double beta-decay
low energy solar neutrino's by inverse beta-decay.

It is of great interest to study directly neutrino mass by neutrino-less double beta decays with sensitivity of 0.01 ~ 0.06 eV in view of non-zero neutrino-mass differences observed by recent neutrino-oscillation measurements.
Realtime spectroscopic (exclusive) studies of low energy solar neutrino's ( pp-neutrino, 7Be-neutrino ) are crucial for studies of solar neutrino problems of neutrino and astro physics interest.

For a brief overview, please see the current 2003 CENPA Annual Report, 2002 CENPA Annual Report, 2001 CENPA Annual Report, and 2000 NPL Annual Report
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